"Knowledge is Power".

Once upon a time, to have knowledge of things, of the vast amount of information around, it was a privilege of the few. But ever since internet, things have changed. Information is at everybody's fingertips. So much so, there is a chaos of information so to speak. Finding authentic facts in this vast chaos of information is an art known to few. The rest are too gullible and get inadvertently influenced by false facts, or hoax.

Hoax is like wild fire. It spreads across the gullible minds via media such as social networks, dishonest news articles, etc. It is one's duty to stop the spread of such articles. Such hoax may cause things from misconception to false expectations.

Health is one such area where there are innumerable false info floating around. Medical science is not an exact science, per se. Human body, although similar in many ways, each individual differ. A doctor strives hard to keep a balance with academic knowledge and his own experience to fill this gap.

In recent times, in India, there has been a lot of unrest between doctors and patients. Factors like unrealistic expectations of doctors, inadequate infrastructure, poor doctor-patient ratio, poor health or working conditions of doctors, non compliant patients, decrease in the standard of education (if any) of doctors, etc., have contributed to this social failure. From what I see, there is a growing mistrust amongst patients towards their doctors.

This blog will contain articles that will try educate the common people about health and in turn ameliorate this growing mistrust.

Yours sincerely,

A doctor

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